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DEF USR Statement


To specify the starting address of an assembly language subroutine to be called from memory by the USR function.


DEF USR[n]=integer


n may be any digit from 0 to 9. The digit corresponds to the USR routine address being specified. If n is omitted, DEF USR0 is assumed.

integer is the offset address of the USR routine. If more than 10 USR routines are required, DEF USR[n] may appear in the program as many times as necessary to redefine the USR[n] starting address.

Add the current segment value to the integer to get the starting address of the user routine.

When an Assembly Language Subroutine is called, the GW-BASIC program execution is paused, and control is transferred to the Assembly Language program. When that program is executed, control is returned to the GW-BASIC program at the point of interruption.


190 DEF SEG=0
200 DEF USR0=24000
210 X=USR0(Y^2/2.82)

Lines 190 and 200 set the absolute address.

Line 210 calls the USR routine located at that address, and passes the integer value of the expression contained within the parentheses to the user program (see USR).


This statement is given here primarily to provide compatibility with other GW-BASIC implementations. The more versatile CALL statement should be used if this downward compatibility is unimportant.