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DIM Statement


To specify the maximum values for array variable subscripts and allocate storage accordingly.


DIM variable(subscripts)[,variable(subscripts)]...


If an array variable name is used without a DIM statement, the maximum value of its subscript(s) is assumed to be 10. If a subscript greater than the maximum specified is used, a "Subscript out of range" error occurs.

The maximum number of dimensions for an array is 255.

The minimum value for a subscript is always 0, unless otherwise specified with the OPTION BASE statement.

An array, once dimensioned, cannot be re-dimensioned within the program without first executing a CLEAR or ERASE statement.

The DIM statement sets all the elements of the specified arrays to an initial value of zero.


10 DIM A(20)
20 FOR I=0 TO 20
30 READ A(I)

This example reads 21 DATA statements elsewhere in the program and assigns their values to A(0) through A(20), sequentially and inclusively. If the A array is single precision (default accuracy) then line 10 will allocate 84 bytes of memory to this array (4 bytes times 21 elements).