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LINE INPUT Statement


To input an entire line (up to 255 characters) from the keyboard into a string variable, ignoring delimiters.


LINE INPUT [;][prompt string;]string variable


prompt string is a string literal, displayed on the screen, that allows user input during program execution.

A question mark is not printed unless it is part of prompt string.

string variable accepts all input from the end of the prompt to the carriage return. Trailing blanks are ignored.

LINE INPUT is almost the same as the INPUT statement, except that it accepts special characters (such as commas) in operator input during program execution.

If a line-feed/carriage return sequence (this order only) is encountered, both characters are input and echoed. Data input continues.

If LINE INPUT is immediately followed by a semicolon, pressing the RETURN key will not move the cursor to the next line.

A LINE INPUT may be escaped by typing CTRL-BREAK. GW-BASIC returns to command level and displays Ok.

Typing CONT resumes execution at the LINE INPUT line.



Program execution pauses at line 100, and all keyboard characters typed thereafter are input to string A$ until RETURN, CTRL-M, CTRL-C, or CTRL-BREAK is entered.