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LIST Command


To list all or part of a program to the screen, line printer, or file.


LIST [line number][-line number][,filename]
LIST [line number-][,filename] 


linenumber is a valid line number within the range of 0 to 65529.

If filename is omitted, the specified lines are listed to the screen.

Use the hyphen to specify a line range. If the line range is omitted, the entire program is listed. linenumber- lists that line and all higher numbered lines. -linenumber lists lines from the beginning of the program through the specified line.

The period (.) can replace either linenumber to indicate the current line.

Any listing may be interrupted by pressing ctrl-break.



Lists all lines in the program.

LIST -20

Lists lines 1 through 20.

LIST 10-20

Lists lines 10 through 20.

LIST 20-

Lists lines 20 through the end of the program.