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DOSBox v0.74 start screen DOSBox v0.74 start screen

After setting up DOSBox for my 11 year old grandson who is into retro gaming and having piqued my curiosity I installed DOSBox on my own PC and started messing about with said DOSBox. Low and behold I rediscovered GW-Basic.

Now overcome with nostalgia about the 80's/90's when I was using BASIC, not very well I might add, although thoroughly enjoying my programming efforts. I thought I would have another go at it, however after some 30 years or so of not being involved in programming I am having to relearn what has been lost to time.

Expecting to find a an abundance of information available on the Internet for GW-BASIC to help with my new found interest, however the opposite was true. Having some modest web development skills I though I would put a small website devoted to GW-WBASIC and gather what resources I could, and where possible, make them available here. As I re-learn about all things BASIC I will add more content as I learn.